High sensitivity

"And then the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. "      (Anaïs Nin)

Delicate but strong. For me these two words characterise the essence of a highly sensitive person.


Someone who is quick to empathise and might understand other people intuitively, perhaps without words. But someone who also feels misunderstood in a world that is moving quickly and has less time for the ‘nuances in between’.


Discovering my own high sensitivity was an important piece of a puzzle, one that I had somehow always been searching for. It helped me to realise that I’m not alone with this trait, but that I share it with many others.


It doesn’t matters to me how great or small the proportion of highly sensitive people is; there are always some who will say that there’s no such thing as ‘high sensitivity’. What is important to me is the individual person with his/her particular feelings and emotions, and how he/she comes to terms with this trait.


I have started to take good care of the thin skin that I seem to have, instead of wishing that I could grow a thicker one.


I had to realise how important it is to accept myself fully, because only then can I be the person I am supposed to be in God’s eyes, and help others to do the same.


I needed to understand that it is really all right to be highly sensitive. And to accept that I can be delicate and strong at the same time.


For me, tulips are a nice analogy for highly sensitive people. Tulips come in such an incredible variety – in all sorts of colours, shades and sizes, with round or pointed petals and so on. Their delicate blossoms are beautiful as they open, but sometimes they look as if they could hang their heads at any moment. But if they are regularly watered and nourished, their stems become a resilient and sturdy support.


If we preserve our delicacy and nurture it like a flower, we can blossom! The more we accept ourselves in our individuality (and this applies to all of us), the easier it is to find and follow our own unique path – and to experience high sensitivity as a gift instead of a burden.