Working together

"To learn that I am fine just as I am is one of the greatest gifts we can receive."

Sometimes it helps us to be accompanied by someone for part of our journey: to help us reflect, to give us support, to encourage us and to help us to blossom.

My services are not psychotherapy in order to treat a medical condition and they are therefore for self-paying clients. 


Individual coaching:


In coaching we will address your individual situation. In our first meeting, we will get to know each other and look at the issue(s) that you would like to talk about. Sometimes, a few sessions can already help to deal with your situation better; at other times, more sessions are needed. We will also hope to integrate some quiet moments and stillness into your daily life, and for this we might practise ways to calm yourself, for example with contemplation, meditation and exercises.


A coaching session typically lasts 60-90 minutes.


If you are unable to come for a face to face conversation, we can talk on the phone at a pre-arranged time instead.



Seminars and groups:


As part of my coaching practice, I offer seminars on the topics of high sensitivity, as well as on self-compassion. I also lead self-help groups on high sensitivity. 


Kindly look on the German website for evening talks in German on 'High sensitivity and Self-compassion':

Again in autumn 2022


Weekend seminars (one day) in German on 'High sensitivity and Self-compassion':

Again in autumn 2022


I have been offering a weekend seminar at Kloster Kappel in the Kanton Zürich, a place of faith and spirituality, which is very special to me.